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What's On

 MASSES (The Eucharist)

The daily Community Morning prayer is held in the St. Francis Oratory on the 1st floor of the Main House and begins at. 7.20am followed by Mass at 7.45 am. On Mondays, Mass is usually held at 7.00pm (but please check before arriving as there may be a change).All are welcome.

MASS on Sunday is held in the Main Chapel on the ground floor (entrance-past the main entrance) at 9.00am. All are welcome. There is provision for people in wheel chairs.



                                  For more details about the Programme or to make a booking,   please contact us on 01329.833043 or email   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to repairs and renovations, the residential conferences will begin in March 2017.


The Friends of Park Place -AGM meeting will be held on Sunday 5th February after the Sunday Mass.


Saturday 4th March:  Memorial gathering for Mumtaz Brown at 2.00pm.

Sunday 12th March: Friends of Park Place present - The Madding Crowd (for more details please check -EVENTS.

Wednesday 15th - Sunday 19th. - Yoga Bio-medical Trust Retreat by Dr. Shri Krishna.

Saturday 18th - Wedding of Charlotte Swales

Tuesday 21st - Wednesday 22nd: Salisbury

Friday 24th - Friends of Park Place -Fish and Chips -Quiz Night -6.00PM

Sunday 26th - Margaret Beattie - Meeting with Friends.

Monday 27th - Tuesday 28th - Diocese of Salisbury Conference.


Friday 31st March- Sunday 2nd : Engaged Encounter Retreat.

Wednesday 5th - Thursday 6th - Private Stay.

Saturday 8th:  Portsmouth Catholic Diocese- Day of Prayer.


Monday 1st - Friday 5th : Retreat for the Missionaries of St. Paul.

Friday 5th - Sunday 7th: Diocese od Chichester Conference.

Wednesday 10th: Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth- Clergy Day.

Saturday 13th: retreat Day for members of AA.

Monday15th -Thursday 18th: Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Retreat.

Friday 19th - Sunday 21st : Marriage Encounter Retreat. 



 Saturday 3rd       -           Wedding – Daniel & Alanna-

Sun. 4th               -           F.H.Communion -

Thurs 8th-12th     -            Michael Roads’ Intensive Retreat-

Sat. 10th             -            Retreat Day- Po. Cathedral Parish

Sat. 10th             -            Baptism- by Rev. Humphries

Tues. 13th-20th   -            Swedish Group------

Tues. 13th-15th   -            American Group------

Friday 23rd               -      Peter and Carol  Clare------

Sat. 24th                  -      Fr. Derek Reeve’s -60th   Ordination Anniv.

Mon. 26th                 -      St. Edmunds’ School------

Tues. 27th                  -    St. Edmunds’ School------

Wed.28th-2ndJuly       -    Winchester Diocese------

Wed.28th-1st July       -    Portsmouth Diocese------

Wed. 28th -1stJuly     -     Chichester Diocese------



Sun. 2nd                   -      Lucy & Antony’s  baby’s  baptism------

Fri.7th-9th                 -      Yoga Group (Sarah Ryan)------

Fri.7th -9th                -      Nita Saini (self –catering)------

Sat. 15th                   -      Sue Lee and friends------

Sat. 15th                   -      Day of Prayer – Po. Cath.------

Sun 16th                   -       Garden Fete------

Tues 18th-23rd          -       Yoga Retreat- Ruth White------

Tues. 25th-27th         -       Chinese Christian Group------

Fri. 28th- 30th           -       Yoga Retreat- Carole Kerton------


Sun. 6th-13th            -     Winchester Summer Music Group

Sun. 20th                  -      Baptism- Sophie Markham’s baby.

Wed.30th-6th Sept     -      YBT-Yoga Retreat




 S.N.         Sun. 3rd                 -       Welcome Breakfast                                        

1        Wed.30/8- Wed.6th  -       Retreat-Dr. Shri Khrishna

2        Sat. 2nd                  -       Writers’ Day

3        7th-9th                    -       B&B-HCC Group (part of)

4        Sat. 9th                   -       HCC- Conf.

5        Sun 10th                 -       Wickham Fair

6        Fri. 15th                  -       Piano Concert-Laura Dickson

7        Sat. 16th                 -       Franciscan  Retreat Day

8        Mon. 18th-Thur21st  -       Kodai Reunion

9        Thur. 21st-23rd        -       Self –S. Beverley Williams (“)

10      Sat. 23rd                 -       Gospel Singers (P. Hastings)

11      Fri.29th-Oct. 2nd      -       Transcendental Meditation



1.       Fri. 6th                    -      Day of Prayer- Portsmouth. Cath. Dio.

2.       Thur. 12th               -      Gospel Choir –Friends. Of Park Place.

3.       Fri. 13th- Sun. 15th  -      Christian Women’s Retreat

4.       Sun. 15th.                -      Friends. Day of Prayer

4.       Fri. 20th –Sun. 22nd         Deborah Power                                         

5.       Fri. 27th-Sun. 29th          Chinese Christian Youth




1.       Fri. 3rd                            Quiz Night- Fish & Chips                           

2.       Sat. 11th                         Christmas Craft Fair                                          -                            

3.       Mon. 13th –Tu.14th          Salisbury Diocese

4.       Sat. 18th                         Methodist Circuit                   




1.       Sun. 10th                        Christmas Carols  at 3.00 pm -All Welcome                                       






                                                                             Coaching, Spiritual Accompanying, Focusing

 Make space for your hopes, desires, dreams and creative impulses.  Balance your outer world of doing with your inner world of thinking, feeling and sensing.

“Focusing” is a way of bodily sensing what wants attention and listening inwardly for what wants to unfold, express, happen.  It helps a person come to their “centre” and access their own deep knowing.

Coaching shines a light on what really matters to you and helps you navigate your personal journey.

Martina Flavin, Facilitator, is a qualified coach, Focusing trainer and NLP master practitioner who helps people awaken and live their dream.


45 minute private sessions are held on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings.  

As an introductory offer, the first session costs £25.  Subsequent sessions are £45.  Package of three sessions for £120.

For more information or to make and appointment, telephone Martina: (075) 9464 1948.   To learn more about “Focusing”, go to